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nftperp 325 days, 16 hours ago

Introducing Mafia Nuts, the NFT collection presented by nftperp. This collection consists of 1,500 mischievous gangster nuts, 999 of which will be minted for free on Ethereum mainnet in early June. Each Mafia Nut belongs to one of five families: Japanese Almonds, Italian Cashews, Mexican Acorns, British Walnuts, and Chinese Peanuts. Each family boasts its unique traits, but all are connected by their vibrant art and intense hatred for one another.

Mafia Nuts not only aims to create an engaging way to bring the community together ahead of the nftperp V2 launch but also offers a range of utilities for its holders. Key among these is fee discounts on nftperp trades and private beta access, as well as additional utilities in the pipeline as part of the roadmap.

The Mafia Nuts are all set to make their mark through a free mint structured in three phases:

Phase 1: Dons — our OGs and long-time perpetradooors will be kicking off the mint on June 8th for a 24-hour period, with the exact time to be announced. If you rank among the top 350 by all-time private beta trading volume or are in the top 10 in your family’s leaderboard in Season 4 of the Trading Competition, you are guaranteed one Mafia Nut NFT if you show up and mint within this 24-hour period. Learn more about Season 4 of the Trading Competition and how to find out if you are in the top 350 by trading volume.

If you are eligible for both, then you will be able to mint 1 NFT during Phase 1 and 1 NFT during Phase 2. Thus, the maximum number of NFTs one is able to mint during Phase 1 is 1 NFT per wallet.

Phase 2, scheduled for June 9th (time TBA), is open for everyone else holding a whitelisted wallet address. Each wallet is allowed to mint a maximum of 1 NFT. Make sure to show up on time, as the early bird gets the worm…

The final Phase 3, the public mint, will commence on June 10th (time TBA) and will allow any wallet address on Ethereum Mainnet to mint a maximum of 1 Mafia Nut for free. This will last until all 999 NFTs reserved for the mint are fully minted out.

Out of the total supply of 1500 Mafia Nuts, approximately 67% (999 nuts) will be available through the mint. The rest of deez nuts will be reserved for future trading competitions (~15% — 224 NFTs) and liquidity provision (~9% — 140 NFTs). Partner teams will receive about 5% (77 NFTs), with the nftperp team receiving 2% and marketing likewise having a 2% allocation (30 NFTs).

Mafia Nuts Distribution. Total Supply: 1500 NFTs

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