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Mantle Network 180 days, 23 hours ago

With the passage of the BitDAO-Mantle rebranding and $MNT token proposals in May and June 2023, we’ve pushed through a number of cosmetic changes in the last couple of weeks. From the migration of the BitDAO forum to the new Mantle forum, a brand new website design, renaming of core pillars within the new Mantle ecosystem and more, the team is focused on bringing Mantle and its various owned products to the community, starting with the Mantle Network Mainnet.

At the same time, with the website revamp, we’re excited to announce the new Mantle blog!

We’ve been using a number of other content platforms such as Mirror and Medium up to this point, and thank the community for supporting Mantle Network and the content we’ve rolled out in the last six months.

Now, you can find all your Mantle-related content easily on https://www.mantle.xyz/blog, accessible from the main Mantle website.

Everything you need to know about Mantle can now be found at a glance, without having to look across multiple platforms.

As we cater to the different interests of Mantle community members, the blog now features multiple categories for developer, tutorial, brand, research, educational content and more to help the community better navigate the world of bleeding-edge web3 innovations, powered by Mantle.

For our Medium and Mirror communities, both publications will remain, but will no longer be regularly updated until announced otherwise.

With mainnet looming over the horizon, make sure you watch our blog, social and community channels closely to catch every big update, coming to you (really) soon.

Onward and forward to the Mantle Network Mainnet!

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