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Sphere, an innovative community-first multi-chain launchpad, is next to partner with Mantle. Sphere has a proven track record in raising liquidity from $150K up to $1M for fundraising projects, and will provide the same end-to-end IDO services to projects on Mantle in a way that is both fair and decentralized.

Seamless End-to-End Fundraising for Projects

With this partnership, projects on Mantle are set to gain access not only to a full suite of launchpad services that cover the full IDO process, including not only full vesting capability, but also instant access to Sphere’s massive community.

Those familiar with fundraising in crypto know well how costs may accumulate with direct listings, especially on reputable platforms. Teams building on Mantle would be thrilled to know that Sphere will cover end-to-end listing costs during the IDO process, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) for all IDO participants — all under a zero fee structure for capital raises under $100,000.

Thanks to this partnership, Sphere will provide free & exclusive access to their in-house airdrop portal to the projects who want to easily operationalize their tokens and stablecoins airdrops for their community, all on a single streamlined, dynamic system.

On top of that, Sphere will offer free and exclusive access to their soon-to-be launched, in-house NFT marketplace to Mantle projects.

Robust Ecosystem & Community Support

Mantle takes a modular approach to building a high-performance Ethereum layer-2 chain that provides Ethereum-grade security at low fees and exceptional UX, all within a familiar EVM environment. This resonates with the existing Sphere community. It reflects a real appetite for supporting projects built and deployed on Mantle Network.

“Mantle truly redefines ecosystem building as builders and teams can expect a unique full-stack approach to growing their projects,” Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem at Mantle, shared. “From offering unrivaled technical and business support to the acceleration of the project and designing their go-to-market strategy, Mantle has been and continues to build a collaborative ecosystem where different projects can tap into an extensive repository of resources, knowledge and support provided by established partners.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Mantle to extend access to our launchpad services to the Mantle ecosystem who are looking for IDO services,” Alex Mitchell, CEO of Sphere quoted. “Sphere has a proven track record of success in helping projects raise capital and grow their communities. We believe that this partnership will be a valuable asset to the Mantle ecosystem and will help them achieve their goals.”

Learn how you can #BuildonMantle with in-depth guides and tutorials on our docs and blog, and if you’re interested in deploying your project on Mantle, reach out via our ecosystem intake form. Don’t forget to check out our Ecosystem hub, where dApps built on Mantle are featured!

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