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__The Plague NFT: 0.27__

ENTRY: 0.25-0.3 Weth
EXIT: 0.4+
SL: 0.2
RISK: 3/5

Plague NFT, launched in Apr 22, has garnered significant attention in NFTspace. With a central theme revolving around frogs & drawing inspiration from biblical plagues, It aims to promote decentralization in various domains, including communication, information, finance, influence, power, & opportunity.

• Plague boasts an engaged community, actively participating in discussions & supporting the project's growth. The community members foster unity and warmly welcome new participants.
• With a total supply of 10.7K, over 80% of collection (8933 NFTs) are currently staked by community. This demonstrates a strong commitment & belief in project. With this staking mechanism, frog holders can stake their tokens to earn $FRG, native token of project. Rewards increase with longer staking periods, & $FRG adds utility within Plague marketplace.

Launch of Utility Wen & Mission of Decentralization

nticipation within community. Frog holders have opportunity to automatically secure a WL spot for Utility Wen by registering on Plague website. Collabs with reputable communities further contribute to the project's exposure & growth. Plague's mission revolves around decentralizing opportunity, which Utility Wen embodies. Led by @Pons_ETH, the founder, this initiative holds promise for Plague holders. Pons commitment to project's vision & community's interests has earned deep respect.

Support 0.25-0.23
Resistance 0.4
Fib retracement suggests a possible reversal around 0.26. Possible pump expected soon based on main support play, but potential for new lows around 0.2 if support is not maintained, low probability of this outcome. Breaking resistance at 0.4 could lead to a bullish move.





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