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Abu Dhabi is home to the Venom Foundation and Iceberg Ventures.

These two companies have created a joint fund for investing in crypto projects, invested a huge $1 billion and called the whole thing "Venom Ventures Fund (VVF)".
Originally, Iceberg Ventures or Iceberg Captial is a fund which manages what they claim is $2.2B in assets, most of which are in real estate and only $350M in crypto.

The second company that invested in VVF, which is the name of the joint project, is Venom, the company that develops the eponymous L1 blockchain. We will not go into technical innovations, everything is in Whitepaper, but we will note that dudes build the ecosystem at once, creating dApps by themselves, not only blockchain. That's cool, because who would want Ethereum without Uniswap on it? An exaggerated example, but you get the hint.

Blockchain looks much more interesting: they've been building for a long time, hold hackathons, have weight on Twitter and Github. So you have to do testnet, especially if you don't have money. They don't ask for gas for participation here, but they may even reward you.

Let's take part in the testnet:
- Download the Venom wallet. (https://venomwallet.com)
- Create an account, save the seed phrase.
- Get tokens and complete tasks on the site. (https://venom.network/tasks)
- Playing with dApps on the blockchain.
- Collect NFT in testnet for completing tasks.

Website - https://venomwallet.com/
Foundation - https://venom.foundation/
Github - https://github.com/venom-blockchain
Twitter VenomFoundation - https://twitter.com/VenomFoundation

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