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MikybullCrypto 392 days, 22 hours ago

Bitcoin reaching

36000$ is possible and so is 20000$

Analysis is based on price action.

BTC just pulled back to the 26.5k$ zone which I see to be a healthy correction and is respecting the origin block after taking out the trendline liquidity built up

DXY is still trading down after breaking blow the level mentioned is the previous thread.

Price left a 4H FVG that is going to be filled to further continue down. This will cause a pullback on BTC

USDT.D Is an indicator that measures the converted crypto to USDT. It experienced a pull back to fill an FVG created on the 17th March.

Chances are that it will continue going down, but the previous candle close was bullish, so this is indecisive until daily close.

The Total Crypto Market Cap is still trading above $ 1.1 trillion which has been level to watch. So technically, there are still funds flowing in as stated in the previous paragraph.

BTC CME exchange gaps has been quite uncertain, but so far, an old gap at 28000$ has been completely filled and a recent 27000$ gap that was created.

This leaves two closed gaps unfilled which are 20000$ recently created and 36000$ an old gap created in May 2022.

BTC price rallied a whooping 47% on the 10th March to 22nd March, knocking out sell orders off the market leaving bears 🐻 confused.

Right now price is experiencing a consolidation with a pull back done already and plotting the fibs EQ is at 24300$.

If the price pulls back further, 24300$ will be a level I intend stacking up more #BTC and watch for further upward movement and begin to DCA if it dips more to fill the 20000$ gap created recently.

Level-by-level trading is best for BTC at the moment, draw your Support & Resistance line, mark out Trendlines and place buys at important levels, take profit at recent resistance, and stack up more satoshis

BTC is the way out

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