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MikybullCrypto 234 days, 7 hours ago

Is This Altcoin Season?

Alts market-cap

The Altcoins marketcap is showing bullish momentum while Bitcoin’s dominance is plunging.

Bitcoin Market-cap

After the #BITCOIN DOMINANCE tapped into the HTF supply/resistance, the price created a bearish reversal signature and this is giving birth to a major move in ALT coins.

As the Alts market begins seeing significant moves, let’s look at some large-cap ALTs analysis. PA-based analysis.

BNB chart

BNB Breaking out of the ascending triangle. The target from here is 450$.

Link chart

$LINKUSDT has been in this range ( 5$ - 9$) since may 2022, such a long time of accumulation and will explode Soon target is 15 - 18$.

Price already breaking above the 50EMA on the daily TF.

Arb chart


Breaking out of the symmetrical triangle and from the fib extension target, the price should tag 2.5 - 2.8$ soon.

Avax chart

$AVAXUSDT looking ready for a big move, broke out of the TL resistance and waiting for a retest.

The target from here is $50$.

Near chart


Major resistance to take out and we begin seeing significant upward movement is 3$, immediately that level is broken, 8$ is a magnet

The price is already accumulating nicely and should rally up soon.

Sol chart


Encountering a resistance which should be taken out soon. Price already forming a strong bullish structure.

Once resistance is taken out, I expect a 100% movement on $SOLUSDT, targeting 45 - 50$ for the short term and 80 - 100$ long term.

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