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Pudgy Toys in Walmart, BRC-20 alternative Runes and VeeFriends / Mattel collaboration are the LFG NFT News from September 27, 2023

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Pudgy Toys, in conjunction with Pudgy World, have become available in 2,000 Walmart locations across the USA, marking a significant retail presence for the brand.

VeeFriends is collaborating with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe, featuring a combination of Skilled Skeleton and Skeletor, with preorders starting on 10/6.

Bitcoin Ordinals creator, Casey Rodarmor, has proposed a new Bitcoin-based protocol/BRC-20 alternative named Runes, believing it has the potential to enhance the value of the Bitcoin network.

Sugartown announced staking for Oras, with more details expected soon. The staking will yield Energy per each Ora staked, but it won’t be a tradable or transferable ERC token.

Yuga Labs has officially launched its new game, Legends of the Mara, expanding its footprint in the gaming industry.

They also announced a collaboration with BAPE for the launch of a limited physical series at ApeFest in Hong Kong from November 3–5.

VaynerSportsPass initiated VSP Rewards Season 0, offering NFT holders the chance to earn points and redeem them for exclusive sports experiences.

Artist Grant Yun, after an initial tease, has officially announced a collaboration with Ledger. Each purchased box will include a Ledger Nano X and a limited edition art card.

Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons faced minting issues again, with the remaining collectibles to be available at a fixed price of 0.1 ETH later.

The „Jerks“ collection, comprising 690 NFTs created by over 40 artists, minted out and was the highest LFG New Entry on Tuesday, though it experienced a price decline of 31.26% the following day.

Zharta, an NFT lending protocol, has reiterated its commitment to responsible decentralization in its latest manifesto.

Bored Ape #591 was purchased for 112 ETH ($178,130.40), having previously been sold for 250 ETH in December 2022, thus incurring a loss of 138 ETH for the seller.

CryptoPunk #7563 was bought for 69.42 ETH ($109,603.77), indicating sustained interest in the CryptoPunk collection.

Today’s NFT trading in numbers:

Today, the LFG TOP 100 welcomed five new contenders, with BlockGames Dice leading the pack at Rank 3, followed by AI Key (Rank 27), Decentraland (Rank 32), The Sandbox (Rank 33), and Diary by Vinnie Hager sneaking in at Rank 39.

Otherside Vessels took the crypto world by storm, soaring with a +670.18% increase in volume and trading at a whopping 108.75 ETH. Not far behind, The Sandbox and Velocity Series: Velocity Pass showed some impressive moves, gaining +623.39% and +332.08% respectively, proving they’re not here to play games.

When it comes to floor price, Velocity Series: Velocity Pass saw a significant rise, reaching 1.74 ETH with a +29.76% increase. Following closely, Memewhales by tradeAI and Otherdeed for Otherside marked their territory, with gains of +25.52% and +15.68% respectively. These digital assets are definitely ones to watch!

However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the digital realm. Investors, keep your eyes peeled! Art Blocks saw a considerable dip, with a -73.06% decrease, alongside The Captainz and beef brothko, which also experienced diminishing trading volumes, falling by -69.03% and -58.39%.

Additionally, be vigilant of the dipping floor prices in the market. JERKS encountered a -31.26% fall, Sugartown Oras went down by -17.04%, and Nakamigos-CLOAKS followed with a -16.67% drop. It’s a roller coaster ride, and these assets are currently on the descent.

In contrast, BlockGames Dice, Nakamigos-CLOAKS, and MERGE VV were the talk of the town, with 2529, 745, and 584 sales respectively. These hot digital commodities are flying off the virtual shelves, making them the day’s best sellers!

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