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Tokenized Pokemon Cards, Otherside Mara blocked on OpenSea, Nicole Vella and Veecon 2024 are the LFG NFT News from September 29, 2023

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Courtyard’s Pokemon Card Packs rapidly sold out, generating $60,000 in sales within seconds. These packs contain graded Pokemon cards vaulted securely at Brink’s.

VeeCon, hosted by Gary Vee and VeeFriends, is announced to take place in Los Angeles from August 9th-11th, 2024

This Is Not A Rock by Nicole Vella, an Art Blocks Curated collection, successfully sold out all 350 NFTs.

FEWOCiOUS successfully executed a Paint Holder Airdrop, distributing 7367 Fewos to holders.

Otherside Mara has restricted trading on various platforms including Opensea, LooksRare, and Blur, with X2Y2 being the current platform for purchasing their NFTs.

Cool Cats disclosed the winners of their SideKX Art Contest, showcasing community engagement.

Pudgy Penguins have managed to surpass MAYC in market position.

Ledger Genesis Pass holders have been given access to claim Polygon1993’s “Ledger1993” piece, inspired by Ledger.

Sugartown Staking is now active, marking a development in the project’s features.

The RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration has been announced to start shipping in October.

Sheron, a Conceptual Artist and Filmmaker, has released an extended trailer for an upcoming CryptoPunks documentary.

Killabears revealed the launch of X-BONES toys, with only 400 of the genesis X-BONES piece set to exist as per their announcement.

IYK, involved in digi-physical creation for brands like adidas and Atlantic Records, secured $16.8M in a fundraising round led by a16z Crypto.

Yuga Labs has shared the schedule for the upcoming ApeFest in Hong Kong, indicating progress in their event planning.

Meme Card #150, titled “MEME CITY” and created by Efdot, sold out in 35 seconds, showcasing high demand.

CryptoPunk #4285 was purchased for 70.1 ETH ($114,955.59), reflecting a significant increase in value since its previous acquisition in July 2021 for 39.5 ETH.

Today’s NFT trading in numbers:

Today, we’ve witnessed some fresh entries making a splash in the LFG TOP 100. Taking the 26th spot is BASTARD GAN PUNKS V2, followed by Primera by Mitchell and Yun at 31, VeeFriends cruising into 35th, Molady Maker at 38, and Azra Games — The Hopeful settling at 39.

BASTARD GAN PUNKS V2 is leading the pack with a whopping +1003.11% surge in volume, trading at a robust 28.71 ETH today. Not to be left behind, Primera by Mitchell and Yun (+510.59%) and Frowns (+200.74%) are also showing some impressive figures.

When it comes to the floor price, Primera by Mitchell and Yun is ahead with an increase of 71.4% at 3.69 ETH. BlockGames Dice follows with a 70% spike, and BASTARD GAN PUNKS V2 experiences a 28.01% climb to 0.07 ETH within the last 24 hours.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Caution is advised with Otherside Koda, BlockGames Dice, and DeGods, which have seen their trading volumes significantly decrease, slipping by 64.35%, 59.9%, and 55.55% respectively.

Moreover, keep a vigilant eye on the dropping floor prices of several entities: Art Blocks is down by 16.67%, Nakamigos-CLOAKS by 12.48%, and Lil Pudgys by 9.35%.

Rounding off the day, BlockGames Dice has been a hot commodity with 1091 sales, followed by Otherside Vessels at 506, and Nakamigos-CLOAKS closing in with 448 sales.

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