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OpenSeaGG, Pudgy Penguins, Odas, Takashi Murakami and WAGMI Games are the LFG NFT News from September 25, 2023

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OpenSea has announced a new streaming collaboration with Twitch named OpenSeaGG, which was revealed late Friday afternoon. This collaboration could potentially bring more visibility and interaction between the two platforms.

Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has expressed in an interview with The Guardian that he might not release any more NFTs in the future. He had initially entered the NFT market in late 2021.

Yuga Labs introduced Oda as the inhabitants of Otherside and explained the distinctions between Koda, Mara, and Kodamara, adding more depth to the project’s lore.

Luca Netz has teased the next developments for Pudgy Penguins, sparking anticipation within the community about what could be coming next for the popular NFT project.

WAGMI Games revealed that they would exclusively release the Founder’s Packs on OpenSea, with the launch scheduled for September 27th at 9 am PST.

Axie Infinity shared information about the upcoming updates for Origins Season 6 on Twitter. The updates will include pacing changes, modifications to curse and tool cards, and status effect updates.

Jack Butcher announced the release of Opepen 024, a piece titled “Scapepe,” created by artist Jalil, adding another unique artwork to the collection.

Enefty and iconic fashion brand Benetton have announced a collaboration, launching a collection of 500 NFTs available for free.

Magic Eden showcased “Not in Knots” by artist Amber Vittoria as part of their Open Editions Launchpad, highlighting the platform’s commitment to supporting artists.

The artwork “Lost In The Supermarket” by Defaced was acquired by WCC for 30.697 ETH, showcasing the high demand for unique digital art.

Beeple’s piece “POLITICS IS BULLSH*T #34/100” was sold for 79.69 ETH, approximately $127,054, maintaining the artist’s reputation for high-value sales.

Bitcoin Rocks #19 (Inscription #150) was traded for 2.75 BTC, approximately $73,086, indicating the sustained interest and value in Bitcoin-themed digital art.

Today’s NFT trading in numbers:

In today’s NFT market, we’ve seen some fresh faces climbing up the LFG TOP 100! Leading the pack, we have beef brothko snagging the 6th rank, followed closely by Wrapped Cryptopunks at 7th. Not too far behind, Frowns, HYTOPIA Worlds, and vVv Season 1 have secured ranks 19, 33, and 40 respectively.

Now, let’s talk numbers! HYTOPIA Worlds made heads turn with a +451.16% surge in volume, trading a cool 13.78 ETH today. Not to be outdone, World of Women and Doodles showed some muscle too, with a strong performance, raking in +307.78% and +190.29% respectively.

On the floor price front, it was BEEPLE — GENESIS COLLECTION that stole the limelight, skyrocketing to 199 ETH, marking a staggering +149.72% increase within the last 24 hours. Keeping up the pace, Velocity Series: Velocity Pass and Nakamigos-CLOAKS saw a considerable uptick, clocking in at +93.89% and +31.6% respectively.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the NFT market. A word of caution for the enthusiasts — Art Blocks, Sugartown Oras, and Otherdeed for Otherside saw their trading volumes take a nosedive, disappearing by -53.02%, -52.85%, and -39.08% respectively.

Additionally, keep those eyes peeled for some other names experiencing a dip in floor prices. Otherdeed Expanded, Sugartown Oras, and Milady Maker saw a decrease by -5.4%, -3.81%, and -3.64% respectively.

Lastly, who’s making waves in sales? Nakamigos-CLOAKS led the charge with 1619 sales, while beef brothko and Maximals weren’t far behind, with 442 and 272 sales respectively.

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