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Tokenized Pokemon cards, Lastpass security issue, HV-MTL rewards and WoW are the LFG NFT News from October 13, 2023

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Magic Eden has debuted tokenized digital artifacts. Collector’s premier release on October 18th will showcase 100 tokenized Pokemon cards in distinct packs. Each digital card mirrors a tangible version and is available for redemption.

Yuga’s team, today, unveiled the rewards for HV-MTL’s Season 6. Additionally, the Forge Boss Raid has been activated.

Feedback from the BAYC community was varied. The pinnacle reward is pegged at 3,950 $APE, yet the 11th spot secures a notably reduced 237 $APE. As per Dfarmer’s analysis, participants pooled an aggregate of 720,000 $APE into the initiative, with an expected return of 89,000 $APE.

Over the past two days, several accounts have experienced unexpected fund depletions. A common thread among the impacted users seems to be that they stored their seed phrase in Lastpass at some juncture.

In collaboration with the MEMES team, Punk6529 introduced EMMA, a revolutionary tool aimed at streamlining the management of multi-stage allowlists in the NFT realm. As a communal resource, EMMA aspires to democratize the allowlist process for the entire NFT populace.

Pudgy Penguins has unveiled their joint venture with Last Crumb.

Another artwork from Refik Andols’ Machine Hallucinations collection titled “ISS Dreams,” is pledged for 75 ETH at Arcade.

World of Women has disclosed their custom-made Monopoly edition, set for release on October 17th.

Magic Eden’s interface for Rare Sats is now operational, facilitating users to transact and explore Rare Sats across wallets.

Amazon Web Services and Immutable have forged an alliance to co-create the next chapter in gaming.

For their third NFT venture, Christiano Ronaldo has rejoined forces with Binance, presenting 50,000 complimentary ‘CR7 ForeverZone’ enigma packages.

VeeFriends disclosed their partnership with Crocs, launching the VeeFriends x Crocs Jibbitz Charms line.

Machibigbrother is in pursuit of insights regarding the ownership of certain $APE wallets, particularly those held by Yuga Labs, its founding members, investors, and early adopters.

Ringers #241 was procured for 21.25 WETH, equivalent to $33,186.76.

Today’s NFT trading in numbers:

Today in the LFG TOP 100, we’ve got some rising stars. Making their debut are CNP / CryptoNinja Partners at Rank 21, followed closely by ENS: Ethereum Name Service at Rank 24. Also joining the list are Ether Capsules, CryptoPunks V1 (wrapped), and BrainDrops, coming in at Ranks 30, 32, and 35, respectively.

Now, let’s talk about the big movers. CNP / CryptoNinja Partners is smashing it with a whopping +1682.33% increase in volume, having traded 26.65 ETH today. Velocity Series: Velocity Pass and ENS: Ethereum Name Service aren’t far behind, showcasing robust performances.

When we shift our focus to floor prices, Otherside Vessels is leading the charge with a gain of 13%, while Otherside Mara and Azuki Elementals are also seeing green. But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

A word of caution: Meebits, Sugartown Oras, and Azuki have seen their trading volumes plummet. Additionally, keep those eyes peeled for dropping floor prices in Crypto Scientists Club, Deadmigos, and Velocity Series: Velocity Pass.

And for the grand finale: Today’s sales superstars are Elongevity Enigma, with a jaw-dropping 1253 sales, followed by Deadmigos and ENS: Ethereum Name Service.

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