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Blur, AIP-304, y00ts, Nakamigos CLOAKS and Proof of Play are the LFG NFT News from September 22, 2023

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Blur’s CEO, Pacman, has hinted at an impending upgrade of the platform, sparking curiosity among the user base.

Nakamigos CLOAKS experienced a rapid public mint, with all 4,800 NFTs being snapped up in a mere 30 seconds at 0.05 ETH each.

AIP-304 by Machi Big Brother and Yat Siu’s AIP-297 both secured approval, with nearly 65% favoring Machi’s proposal, inclusive of his own votes, and AIP-297 garnering a 53.66% endorsement.

Proof of Play, spearheaded by Farmville’s co-creator Amitt Mahajan, amassed $33 million to forge Web3 games, as announced on Sept. 21. The company launched a closed beta of its inaugural game, Pirate Nation, in December 2022.

y00ts showcased their revamped LOGO and PFP, offering a glimpse into the multiple design iterations that ultimately led to the finalized version.

Rolling Stone issued a critique of the NFT sector, highlighting that a significant 95% of previously lauded crypto assets have witnessed a depreciation in value.

Sugartown has disclosed supplementary details concerning its Oras NFTs, adding to the anticipation surrounding the project.

Yuga Labs announced the formation of strategic alliances with various partners, aiming to foster the expansion and evolution of Otherside.

On November 15, all 254 Moonbirds possessing the distinctive “Space Helmet” trait are scheduled for a celestial voyage. Kevin Rose disclosed that realizing this endeavor consumed over a year of meticulous planning and execution.

Deafbeef’s HASHMARKS auction culminated with the highest bid of 6.05 ETH placed by Snowfro and the minimum successful bid standing at 3.055 ETH.

Per Kristian Stoveland’s artwork “Pursuit” concluded its auction at 0.33 ETH and is currently circulating around 0.7 ETH on OpenSea.

AppliedPrimate has made a cameo in the latest Legends of the Mara trailer for Season 1, indicating that their Sentinels will play a role in the series.

Magic Eden unveiled Open Editions on their platform to bolster artist support, with the feature currently being application-based.

The Web3 wallet Phantom has introduced a feature named Shortcuts, designed to facilitate effortless exploration of functionalities available with user NFTs.

Autoglyph #337 secured a substantial loan of 100 ETH ($162,955.50), indicating the piece’s significant value in the market.

Bitcoin Rock #44 has reportedly transitioned ownership to an institutional investor in exchange for 3 BTC ($81,187), demonstrating institutional interest in such assets.

Today’s NFT trading in numbers:

The LFG Top 100 has seen some fascinating new entries today, with Nakamigos-CLOAKS leading the pack at Rank 2, followed by BlockGames Dice (Rank 20), Maximals (Rank 23), ACKPFP (Rank 28), and Pirate Nation — Founder’s Pirates (Rank 33).

Valhalla took the spotlight with a staggering +648.79% increase in trading volume, totaling 14.98 ETH today. Not far behind were Bored Ape Kennel Club, showing a rise of +187.62%, and CryptoPunks V1 (wrapped) with a boost of +159.64%.

Turning our attention to floor price, 10KTF G Tags experienced a growth of +12.6%, reaching 0.31 ETH, while Art Blocks and Azuki Elementals enjoyed a rise of +7.14% and +3.51%, respectively.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the NFT world. Caution is advised for CryptoPunks, Azuki, and Milady Maker, where trading volumes experienced a significant dip, dropping by -77.07%, -61.72%, and -60.76%, respectively.

Additionally, it’s wise to monitor the descending floor prices of Nakamigos (-16.59%), Valhalla (-7.81%), and Otherdeed for Otherside (-6.8%).

In terms of sales, Nakamigos-CLOAKS was the crowd favorite with 4265 sales, closely followed by BlockGames Dice and Maximals, which recorded 3069 and 2330 sales respectively. The market is buzzing, and these collections were selling like hotcakes!

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