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PayPal NFT marketplace, MoMA Postcard project and Musée d’Orsay are the LFG NFT News from October 02, 2023

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PayPal appears to be venturing into the NFT marketplace. A patent application submitted by them suggests they’re exploring innovations for buying and selling NFTs.

The Tezos Foundation has established a year-long collaboration with the Musée d’Orsay, a renowned arts and culture institution, marking an intersection of traditional arts and blockchain technology.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is launching the MoMA Postcard project. This will feature a unique collection of 15 artist-designed postcards and will kick off on October 3.

Cool Cats is progressing with their project, as they’ve initiated Round 2 of the Eternals Reveal. In addition to the above, Cool Cats has onboarded Zaf Chow as an advisor, signaling potential strategic development for the project.

VeeFriends had an active September, with 13 announcements spanning partnerships, updates, and community engagement surprises.

LooksRare has provided an update on their platform’s tokenomics. They’re introducing more buybacks and adding fees to their protocol rewards, potentially aiming for better liquidity and token value.

Snowfro has shown a philanthropic side by transferring October’s secondary royalties from Chromie Squiggle sales, post-tax, to an Endaoment donor advised fund. This is set to benefit arts and education organizations in Texas.

A transaction for CryptoPunk #4300 was recorded, with a purchase price of 53.5 ETH, or approximately $90,298.90.

Today’s NFT trading in numbers:

Making waves and breaking into the top slots are VOX Collectibles: Mirandus, snagging Rank 39, followed closely by Moonbears NFT and Terraforms by Mathcastles, securing Ranks 44 and 55 respectively. And hey, let’s not overlook FLUF World: Thingies and Matr1x 2061, who have successfully secured their spots at Ranks 57 and 59.

Now, if we’re talking volume, Memewhales by tradeAI totally crushed it with a staggering +778.63% increase, translating to a whopping 64.14 ETH! But let’s not forget the underdogs: a KID called BEAST and AI Key, who also made a splash with +376.5% and +127.97% surges in volume. Hats off!

Diving into the floor price arena, Memewhales by tradeAI clearly took the crown with a floor price soaring to 10 ETH, marking a +56.25% climb. Following closely were a KID called BEAST and AnarKey by TradeAI with impressive hikes of their own.

However, it wasn’t all roses. A word of caution to all you traders: Milady Maker, Otherside Koda, and Art Blocks took quite a hit, with their trading volumes dramatically dwindling. Tread carefully!

And for those of you with an eagle eye on the market, you might want to monitor the slightly wobbly floor prices of AI Key, Winds of Yawanawa by Yawanawa and Refik Anadol, and Doodles.

Ending on a high, Deadmigos was the talk of the town with a jaw-dropping 1044 sales. Art Blocks and FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Fewos weren’t too far behind, making them today’s hot sellers!

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