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Vert holders will receive access to a unique code through which they can register for their exclusive Vert NFT. The NFT will evolve through 3 stages of metamorphosis in advance of the Metamorph virtual experience, allowing users to mint their avatar NFT in their wallet as it develops over time. Within the experience, they are then able to further customize and enjoy enhanced gameplay skills unique to Vert holders. Fans who join Metamorph without a Vert purchase can access and participate in of the online experience with a base avatar.

The Metamorph campaign and launch of Vert will roll out across global markets in a variety of touchpoints, including:

Limited launch of 300 NFTs developed by composer Sejan Jansen and Artificial Rome, with utilities including the pre-emption to purchase an additional exclusive 300-unit Vert limited edition watch (September 12)
Robust campaign support launches, including website, email, social media content and more (beginning October 3)
OOH and DOOH amplification in over 30 cities globally (beginning October 3)
A:VERT:AR (avatar) evolution begins for Vert purchasers that have registered their unique NFT code (October 18)
Immersive online Metamorph experience launches for Vert holders—with enhanced avatar access—and all Diesel fans (November 2 at 4pm CET through November 17 at 9am CET)
Metamorph culminates in an exclusive virtual Lil' Dre concert as users complete the experience
Interactive retail installation in selected Diesel stores globally—including Paris, New York, Barcelona, Las Vegas and Tokyo—where Vert holders can interact with their avatar and players (beginning November 2)




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