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CRIPCO 57 days, 5 hours ago

The long-awaited OOZ Reveal service is live. In this regard, we have prepared this FAQ to navigate you through all the details.

1: What is the Reveal service?

A: This is a service that allows to transform NFTs from the <OOZ & mates: Spaceships Official> collection to NFTs from the <OOZ & mates Official> collection.

<OOZ & mates: Spaceships Official>



<OOZ & mates Official>



2: What do I need to reveal?

A: First, you must have an OOZ Spaceship NFT. By paying 135 IP3 (ERC-20) tokens and a small Ethereum gas fee, you can reveal the OOZ & mates character hidden within the NFT.

3: What blockchain does the Reveal service run on?

A: Ethereum Mainnet. OOZ Spaceships issued on Solana can be revealed after they complete migration to Ethereum. Migration is only supported until EOD December 31, 2023.

CRIPCO Migration Service: https://migration.cripco.com/

4: Is Reveal free-of-charge?

A: Reveal is paid and requires 135 IP3 (ERC-20) tokens and ETH gas fee. SPL-based IP3 tokens (issued on Solana) cannot be used.

5: Where can I buy IP3 (ERC-20)?

A: CEX re-listing and IP3-ETH DEX liquidity pool are being prepared. Please wait for the next announcement.

6: Is it necessary to reveal?

A: The OOZ & mates holder benefits provided by CRIPCO are limited to <OOZ & mates Official> holders only, so revealing is recommended for holders to enjoy their rights and benefits.

7: What benefits are available to holders after they complete the reveal?

A: OOZ’s New Style, which is currently being prepared for launch, will be airdropped. Additionally, commercial rights to the NFT characters are provided for their holders. Besides these, additional utilities are under development to provide substantial benefits to holders.

8: What happens if I don’t reveal?

A: Spaceship holders who do not reveal will not be able to receive utilities & benefits from OOZ & mates.

9: What is the Ethereum gas fee?

A: This is a fee for using the Ethereum blockchain network. Wallets that use IP3 tokens for the first time will be charged a one-time gas fee for approval. Gas fee is charged once for a Reveal Claim per spaceship, and Ethereum does not allow multiple spaceships to be revealed at once.

10: Why has the Reveal service been released only now?

A: Although the development of the Spaceship Reveal service was completed earlier, we decided that it would be most effective to resume the service at the stage immediately preceding the implementation of the OOZ core roadmap. Thank you for waiting and staying with us!




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