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Animalia Kingdom: A New Gaming Frontier

🔗 Twitter: Animalia Games

Overview: It's powered by @SeedifyFund, and the whitelist mechanism is through an application. Considering the fair pricing and token supply, it might be a hidden gem.
1. $ANIM (Animalia): This BEP-20 token represents the heart of Animalia. With a total supply pegged at 108.7 million - symbolizing the estimated total species in the world - it’s more than just a currency.
- Use Cases:
- Purchase in-game assets from the Animalia Marketplace.
- DAO governance token for community-led decisions.
- Stake and earn rewards.
- Commission: A commission might be taken on transactions to fund game expansion.
- Rewards: Holders earn by staking; high initial rewards to boost community, decreasing over time.
- Governance: The game will lean on its active player community for decisions; leading to an eventual Animalia DAO where innovative ideas can be pitched and voted on.
- Release Schedule: $ANIM unlocks over 32 months post public sale.
2. $PHL (Phylum): This token ties into the play-to-earn strategy of Animalia.
- Goals:
- PvE progressions,
- PvP matches,
- Daily, weekly, and seasonal quests,
- Tournaments,
- Special game modes.
- Stamina: To earn $PHL, players need stamina which is capped daily. It's expended in Ranked PvP and certain PvE stages, offering potential $PHL rewards.
- NFT Multiplier: Holding more NFTitans increases the stamina cap and $PHL earnings.
Stellar Partnerships:
- GD10 Ventures, Binance NFT, Master Ventures, NTFb, Ignition, X21, EX Network Capital, ApolloX, BSC News, Cryptobanter, Trustpad, NFTpad, Roseon, Synapse, Lavender Capital, Anypad, Gains Associates, Decubate, Pixelverse, Xion, Halvings, Crypto Leagues, Safe Launch, and more.





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