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Early Alpha call

Shadow War game is a 5v5 competition action title with unique gameplay mechanics. They are by Patriot Division which is a game development company focused on creating next-generation gaming experiences.

Patriot division comprises of Game industry experts, E-sports Pros and Crypto enthusiasts. With their passion for both gaming and crypto, their mission is to bring the Web3 experience into the traditional gamer market. Some of their achievements include reaching over 100M downloads for a mobile game they developed (Robbery Bob 2) and raising over 20M USD for a Web3 gaming brand.

To dive deeper into the team behind Shadow War, they have founders and core team members from Riot Games, Sidus Heros and Paradox interactive. Its quite safe to say they are well experienced in the industry.

They have just tweeted their tweet and it contains an absolute sick trailer video. Make sure to check it out and engage on it.

To earn a whitelist

, they are hosting a member engagement system. Make sure to sign up on their website and complete the daily/weekly missions.




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