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San FranTokyo

It’s time for VISIONS, the identity (PFP) collection of San FranTokyo by SFTStudios.

You know us for Weebox and our mission to bring officially licensed Japanese and anime IP to Web3 through digital and physical tokenized figurines.

We also minted out instantly of our 2,000 San FranTokyo Genesis Passes in August - and now it’s time to define the identities and residents who will grow the city and vision of San FranTokyo with us.

SFT Studios is a Web3 studio focused on the anime industry, working to innovate and elevate anime storytelling, distribution and fan engagement globally.

As an ecosystem partner and subsidiary company to Animoca Brands with a shared CEO and executive team of Animoca Brands KK (Japan), we’re strategically building towards a very ambition long-term vision and we want you to join us.

With a significant focus on licensed anime brands and IP, our future offers anime fans an exciting dive into newly imagined experiences to redefine how we interact with collectibles, music, media, gaming, fashion and culture.

Our team is focused on building a future-oriented ecosystem. We have a lofty vision & we're here to collaborate with brands, projects & IP that share the same goal.

Team and Investors

If you haven’t heard about Weebox yet, this is one of our flagship stores and experiences with San FranTokyo that will focus on creating officially licensed tokenized anime figurines from our favorite stories and series.

We currently have Ghost in the Shell, 0N1 Force, Afro Samurai and Liar Liar locked in and in progress.
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