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Rosentica is Fantasy Series being built by Concept Artist Okku and Writer/Producer Natsuki,

Their Artist Okku has drawn original artwork for famous games in Korea (Azur Lane, Seven Knights, Mabinogi etc. for Tencent, NetEase, Yostar, Netmarble etc.) and the quality of her art is so beautiful.
She also holds the record for having her personal art NFT auctioned for 2ETH.

Studio zomi, which is dedicated to the Rosentica project, has quite an interesting track record.

They released a series of singles
featuring music by artist and influencer Biya.
Fully animated MV + physical album with collectibles.

In addition, the project will be featured in a private gallery exhibition in Odaiba, Tokyo. Rosentica in a private gallery exhibition in Odaiba, Tokyo.

They have been steadily announcing activities aimed at combining Web2 and Web3.
(Mobile game, second series album, anime series, etc.)

Rosentica is coming soon to Mint
Name: Starfall Traveler Collection
Collection Size: 6000
Price: TBA

The NFT utility revealed for now is a token-gated DAO, DIFI+GAME, where participants' potential profits, membership, and important choices for storytelling will be determined through the DAO, including discounts on Rosentica's exclusive products and access to beta testing of future Rosentica games.

I've personally been following this project for a very long time.
The reason is the artist, she has a very good quality artwork and that's what made me excited.

Of course, a supply of 6,000 seems a bit large in this market right now.
But if they set an acceptable mint price, I think they've taken the first step forward and this could be a promising project.

I hope they handle this wisely because I've seen a lot of promising projects fail by setting ridiculous MPs in this market.

I also know that the artist has a lot of fans, so I expect a lot of people will buy them as collectibles.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rosentica
Instagram: https://instagram/rosentica_official
Discord: https://discord.gg/rosentica
Links: https://bio.to/rosentica




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