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The SkyArk Chronicles IP is a trilogy set in different timelines tributed to Satoshi Nakamoto in his
creation of the Sky Realms. SkyArk Chronicles is innovated as a Blockchain GameFi IP where we
narrate the real world of blockchain & cryptocurrency into a fantasyverse so the Web3 world
becomes relatable and exciting to interested web2 natives!

Their team members have a very colorful resume and are veterans of developing AAA mobile games.
I think having a veteran team with a lot of experience in game development helps them understand the needs of players.

In another Bullish, SkyArk Studio was selected for Binance Incubator Season 3 and has raised over $10M in funding

Also They are also closely connected to brands such as DonDon Donki, Nissin, EZ-Link, NTUC, Tokyu Hands, and more

The second Bullish led them to partner with AstarNetwork and Disney.

Their studio has already produced three games, so they already have the development capabilities and knowledge to create a link between blockchain and games (HOUSE OF HEROES, LEGENDS ARISE, Ex SkyArkVerse)

This is different from projects that have not yet developed and have given up on making games with Mint.

and The game also aims to create a metaverse world based on SocialFi+Gamefi that bridges Web2 and Web3 and includes multi-chain and interoperability.

In addition, the game will include items that utilize the well-established IPs in the Web2 world, which is the key to expanding the brand's business.

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of information about WL, but the way they deploy it is by issuing code that can be used within their ecosystem, and then using the
You can log in, do basic quests, earn points, and then exchange those points for coins.

I'm very optimistic about this project and everyone should watch this space!

Web : https://www.skyarkchronicles.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/SkyarkS
Premint : https://www.premint.xyz/SkyarkS/




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