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Tomorrow will be big day, I hope you guys make a good profit.
Stars's the order of hypes for projects that mint on same days


Supply : 3,888
Mint date : 02/20 8am est
Mint price : 0.014 for WL / 0.019 for public

Twitter interaction is basically over 3,000.
They have high hypes and excellent pixel art quality
Team's not Doxxed, But Keep an eye out if you have WL of this
It is important to note that money does not move in many places in the market, but goes to one or two specific projects
I think this will work out but there are bigger projects after this project Mint


Supply : 5,600
Mint date : 02/20 8:30am est
Mint price : 0.0089 for Guaranteed WL / 0.014 for FCFS WL / 0.025 for Public

They already launched mint pass, but it was not successful. The price was very high and there was no volume
But the art in this collection is really great. They've been building for a long time and I love the art with a dull pencil sense
Mint price is cheap and looks like an art worth keeping, so I'll probably mint it.
But what's worrisome is that they decided to mint date on the day big projects mint and think it might not work out
Bet if you have WL But you can lose money don't forget it

Kult Dolce

Supply : 2,222
Mint date : 02/20 9am est
Mint price : 0.025 for Guaranteed WL / 0.025 for FCFS WL / 0.025 for Public

The first Big Hype project, they received a fund from VC. ($3.5 MM)
Art is composed of neat and cute characters from fairy tales and has their own worldview
Frankly, I don't need another explanation. If you're interested, read their mediums and think you'll get enough revenue if you have WL


Supply : 2,061
Mint date : 02/19 10pm est
Mint price : 0.1 for WL

First of all congratulations if you have WL of this project you have secured a guaranteed return.

They launched at Binance and received investment from big companies. They distributed very few spots and the art is also great.

If you have WL of other projects but lack ETH, please mint this project unconditionally

As I always say, this is not financial advice and you are responsible for all judgments, Always DYOR!




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