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NFT Market Analysis: 12 Sept

Market Sentiment: 15 Cool
Total MarketCap: 2.82M (-0.45%)
24H Vol: 4.66K(-039%)
OSVol: 1,079 ETH (▲ 12.98%)
BlurVol: 3,761 ETH (▲ 27.93%)

🦧BAYC: 25.33 E (▼ 3.9%)
👺DeGods: 3.72 E (▼ 3.0%)
🌈 Doodles: 1.32 ETH (▼ 2.66%)
🧟 MAYC: 5.11 ETH (▼ 3.33%)
⛩️ Azuki: 3.77 E (▲ 0.6%)
🐈‍⬛ VeeFriends: 1.65 ETH (▼ 6.78%)
👩🏻 Milady Maker: 2.79 ETH (▼ 15.59%)

Recent events have had a significant impact on the NFT market, particularly affecting prominent projects such as Milady and Remilios. These developments are a result of the compromise of the Bonkler treasury, a project operating within the RemCorp ecosystem, allegedly orchestrated by internal team members. Although it has been reported that this breach is not anticipated to impact existing NFTs, any security incident within the NFT space warrants vigilance.

Milady NFTs have seen an 11% drop, with a FP of 2.72 ETH, while Remilios NFTs have decreased by 17% to a FP of 0.26 ETH. Miladymaker led by @CharlotteFang77, sparks debates in the NFT community, with seasoned enthusiasts dismissing it as a meme, and newer ones critical due to online controversies. Nevertheless, it's one of the largest NFT collections by market cap, surpassing former "blue chip" projects. @miladymaker plans to sue ex-team member for alleged embezzlement, shocking anti-establishment supporters. Rumors of @CharlotteFang77's government ties, worsen project's challenges amid NFT bear market.

Across the broader NFT landscape, we've observed a consistent downward trend in prices. The sentiment surrounding NFTs, particularly PFPs, has been challenging throughout the year. Many conversations reveal a growing disinterest in NFTs, except for those in the art, culture, or meme categories.
In this environment, individuals and entities alike are reevaluating their financial strategies.





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