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NFT Highlights


- $MOG hits $42M ATH, up 200% this week.
- $LOOT, $RLB, $PRIME, $OX, $HMX, $BITCOIN rise 5-10% on strong on-chain narrative.
- $UNIBOT X launch leads to 10% price drop.
- DeGods co-founder departs after 2 years.
- Sotheby's dismisses baseless BAYC investor lawsuit.
- WAGMI United denies rug pull.
- Ordinals sales plummet 97% in 3 months.
- Meta's $36B metaverse has <1000 users.
- Wreck League's MB sell 17.6k units, game launch on Sept 14 for mech holders.
- Nathan Sawaya's Transfiguration Series 1 individually releases on VeVe on Aug 19.
- Cets Community transitions to Cets DAO for governance.
- Magic Eden & Polygon start $1M NFT Creator Fund.
- Kevin Rose bids for Grail Moonbird #8820 from Cirrus on OS.
- SK Telecom partners with Polygon Labs to boost Web3 ecosystem & back startups.
- Market sees over $797M wiped in 24 hours, 164k traders affected
- Speculation arises on SpaceX selling $373M in Bitcoin
- Explore heart + craft here
- The Great Purge project details
- Opensea ends Operator Filter, opts for optional creator fees on new collection sales.
- Doodles x CAMP merch
- Sotheby’s shares 22 lots, highest sales
- The Monument Game unveiled
- @NyanCat Marketplace goes live
- Azur Root redemption now available on Azurbala Avenue forum

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