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Hey fam! Last week was a whirlwind, & I couldn't squeeze in market updates. So here's a quick recap of the week!

Overall NFT Market:

Despite memecoin turbulence, NFTs showed surprising resilience. Notably, DeGods surged by 22%, reaching a FP of 4.22E. MAYC risen above 5E again, & Azuki gained 10%, now at 4.5E. This unexpected rebound defies earlier predictions. It's worth considering if we've reached a point where NFTs hold a "terminal value," indicating holders might prioritize retaining their assets rather than chasing marginal gains. The ongoing 18-month period of declining values could lead to a situation where remaining participants are more invested in community rather than immediate price fluctuations. Keep an eye on this space as it evolves!

__Hot news !__

- Azuki teams up with NFL star @PatrickMahomes
- Solana Pay integrates with @Shopify
- Ex-@opensea Exec Nate Chastain sentenced to 3 months in prison for NFT insider trading
- PudgyPenguins' "Igloo" clothing brand goes live
- JackButcher releases 3 @opepenedition sets
- SamSpratt's "Player NFTs" sell out for $1.2M in 2 minutes
- Friendtech adds photo-sharing feature
- Doodles x Crocs phygital drop on Aug 28th
- VinnieHager unveils "Diary" collection
- Zeneca launches ZenAcademy pfps on Aug 29th
- ZTXofficial minting on opensea on Aug 30th
- ChimpersNFT hosts 10-day competition for "Dragon Dash" arcade game
- notthreadguy beats EasyEatsBodega in basketball match
- SeedworldMeta minting on MagicEden on Aug 29th
- MercedesBenzNXT announces "The Era of Luxury" collection
- LazyLionsNFT introduces "Lazy AI"
- DeGodsNFT updates Points Parlor
- PlayNFLRivals launches in-app NFT marketplace for iOS & Android
- veefriends introduces "Scene Swap" for Series 2
- MocaverseNFT unveils mini-game for holders to win prizes

Top Sales:

Monument Game 420.69E
BAYC: #7485 105E, #4088 99E, #8295 87E




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