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__NFT Market Analysis: OCT 2__

Market Sentiment: 16 Cool
Total MarketCap: 2.73M
24H Vol: 3.67K
OSVol: 1,654ETH (▲ 25.49%)
BlurVol: 7,662 ETH (▲ 53.08%)

🦧 BAYC: 26.59 ETH (▲ 9.74%)
⛰️ Otherdeeds: 0.54 ETH (▲ 3.82%)
👩🏻 Milady Maker: 2.08 ETH (▲ 1.47%)
🚬 CryptoPunks: 44.50 ETH (▼ 3.26%)
🏳️‍🌈 Chromie Squiggles: 9.50 ETH (▼ 3.94%)
🐈‍⬛ VeeFriends: 2.00 ETH (▼ 14.82%)

It's been an impressive 24 hours for NFT prices, with most of the top 20 in the green. Notably, BAYC has surged by 10%, reaching FP 26.6 ETH. This could be related to a recent decision to use the treasury's $APE holdings to acquire 1000 apes, which might have had an impact. Additionally, the entire Yuga ecosystem seems to have experienced an overnight boost, making it a pleasant surprise to wake up to on a Monday morning with both ETH &bNFTs on the rise, which is a rather rare occurrence.

Shifting focus to the world of fungible tokens, it's worth noting that Total Value Locked has finally crossed the $50M mark. While trading volumes seem relatively stable, user numbers continue to grow. However, it's prudent to exercise caution, especially when bridging ETH. Liquidity may diminish rapidly, and being the last one to act is not ideal. Another intriguing aspect is how individuals with a strong "FT reputation" will eventually handle liquidating or monetizing their portfolios, as this could potentially lead to disputes down the road. So, if you've heavily bridged ETH, it's something to keep in mind.

Beeple's recent studio event celebrated his work, CryptoPunks, and the digital collectible space. It featured interviews with CryptoPunk community members and LarvaLabs founders. Yuga Labs hosted a CryptoPunks brunch, highlighting the community's shared love for NFTs beyond financial motives. CryptoPunks stand out as NFTs people genuinely want to own for ownership's sake.





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