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NFTs/WEB3 Market Overview:

Market Sentiment: 19 Cool
Total NFTs MarketCap: 3.08M (+1.25%)
24H Vol: 8.54K (+78.64%)
OS Daily Vol: 1515 ETH (▲ 3.48%)
Blur Daily Vol: 3967 ETH (▲ 6.84%)

👩🏻 Milady Maker: 4.18 ETH (▲ 21.51%)
🏴‍☠️ Captainz: 4.49 ETH (▲ 4.42%)
🌈 Doodles: 1.61 ETH (▲ 2.62%)
🧟 Mutant Ape Yacht Club: 5.73 ETH (▲ 1.40%)
🐧 Pudgy Penguins: 4.14 ETH (▲ 1.22%)
🧬 Clone X: 1.45 ETH (▼ 0.82%)

NFT space has seen minimal activity. A significant update emerged as y00ts, a component of the DeGods ecosystem, disclosed its transition from Polygon to Ethereum. DeGods experienced a slight 4% dip following the transition. Meanwhile, Miladies demonstrated strength with a 20% increase, achieving an impressive 52% weekly return.

In a separate development, a vulnerability was identified in Jack Butcher's recent NFT project, 'infinity,' which was exploited to drain its funds. Encouragingly, all affected parties are slated to receive complete refunds, underscoring the importance of vigilance within the NFT realm. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the caution warranted when navigating this space.

DeGodsNFT Season 3 has launched with mixed reactions. The y00tsNFT migration to Ethereum and DeGods art upgrades were met with some disappointment, as they did not meet the market's unrealistic expectations. However, the aftermath has been mild, and the price collapse that some feared has been avoided. DeGods played it safe this season, avoiding major risks but also missing opportunities to make large leaps to catch up to market leaders. A conservative stance from the team may have been the right move, given the huge leverage in DeGods. Taking too much risk and failing could have triggered loan cascades and collapsing prices.





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