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ThePlague 0.27


1% listed 3533 owners

ENTRY: 0.25-0.28 Weth
EXIT: 0.4+
SL: 0.2

UtilityWen 0.049


3% listed 2537 owners

ENTRY: 0.05 - 0.04
EXIT: 0.075 - 0.09+

- The PlagueNFT, founded by @Pons_ETH in Apr22, aims to bridge Web2 & Web3 with a focus on frogs & biblical plagues, promoting decentralization in various domains. The engaged community actively supports its growth, with over 80% of collection staked, earning $FRG utility tokens.

- Pons, creator of Wen Utility NFT, announces 2 companies: Making Coffee & WenSwap. Making Coffee connects the coffee supply chain with blockchain, while WenSwap replaces "supply chain financing" using NFTs.

- NFT holders will be able to play role of wholesalers for Making Coffee. They will be able to buy coffee beans at a discount & then sell them to customers at a higher price. Profits from selling coffee will be used to buy back $FRG, decentralized utility token of ecosystem. NFT holders will also receive a vested interest in the brand, receiving a Predicate License, a Making Coffee Founder's Pass, & a WenSwap Pass. This is a significant development in Web3 space, as it shows how NFTs & blockchain tech can be used to disrupt traditional industries.

As a fervent supporter of innovative NFT projects with irl applications, I believe term "utility" is often overused, overlooking true innovation. We should avoid high valuations for lowquality projects & instead focus on those adding genuine value to ecosystem. Shoutout to @Pons_ETH, @ThePlagueNFT, & @Making_Coffee_ for their impactful contributions.

- Red: Main support area
- Blue: Crucial area where Price will give bullish/bearish confirmation
- Green: Strong Resistance

Buy on support & TP on resistance & above Play! Also Bullish Falling Wedge pattern forming in Plague Chart!

Credz: <https://twitter.com/Tyler_Did_It/status/1687194744848371713>





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