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NFTs/WEB3 Market Overview:

Market Sentiment: 13 Cool
Total NFTs market: 3.03M (-0.75%)
24H Vol: 3.46K (+3.7%)
OS Daily Vol: 1375 ETH (▲ 7.84%)
Blur Daily Vol: 2518 ETH (▼ 43.59%)

🏴‍☠️ Captainz: 4.59 ETH (▲ 8.25%)
🌈 Doodles: 1.54 ETH (▲ 3.15%)
👩🏻 Milady Maker: 3.57 ETH (▲ 3.07%)
🧟 Mutant Ape Yacht Club: 5.64 ETH (▲ 3.03%)
🦉 Moonbirds: 1.56 ETH (▲ 2.30%)
🧬 Clone X: 1.49 ETH (▲ 2.13%)
🚬 CryptoPunks: 47.90 ETH (▲ 2.07%)

Once again, the NFT market experienced a day of subdued trading volume, totaling just under $10M, price movements remained relatively subdued across the spectrum. Notably, Milady emerged as a standout performer during the weekend, briefly attaining a FP of nearly 4ETH before retracing to 3.5ETH. This represents a significant 25% weekly increase and a notable 29% gain over the past month, showcasing its outperformance compared to numerous other NFTs. Rektguy, achieved a 15% weekly growth—a testament to our resilient community. While significant high-value sales appear limited, BAYC maintains 29ETH, while CryptoPunks linger at 48ETH. Anticipation mounts as we await developments in the coming week.

@HanweChang baited a bot that was imitating his bids, resulting in the bot placing substantial bids on NFTs, ultimately netting Hanwe $1.5M. While some consider it unethical, others see it as fair play. The botter instigated a situation in which they were in direct opposition to Hanwe in a 0 sum game where they tried to take Hanwe's potential profits. If botter was willing to accept upside of winning, they should be prepared to accept downside of losing. The incident highlights risks inherent in engaging in zero-sum games & need for mindfulness & caution, particularly in crypto space where automation plays a imp role. Despite outcome, empathy is extended towards the botter who experienced significant losses.





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