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NFTs/WEB3 Market Overview:

Market Sentiment: 19 Cool
Total NFTs MarketCap: 3.09M (+0.47%)
24H Vol: 5.51K (-35%)
OS Daily Vol: 1687 ETH (▲ 11.35%)
Blur Daily Vol: 8342 ETH (▲ 110.29%)

🦧 Bored Ape Yacht Club: 30.99 ETH (▲ 5.81%)
⛩️ Azuki: 4.92 ETH (▲ 1.82%)
👩🏻 Milady Maker: 4.25 ETH (▲ 1.69%)
🦉 Moonbirds: 1.58 ETH (▲ 1.41%)
🏴‍☠️ Captainz: 4.30 ETH (▼ 1.15%)
🧬 Clone X: 1.43 ETH (▼ 1.18%)
🌈 Doodles: 1.47 ETH (▼ 7.82%)

Presently, a significant topic of discussion centers on DeGods, which has undergone a further 10% decrease, bringing its floor price to 6.44ETH. This decline equates to a 22% drop over the week, partly influenced by a somewhat lukewarm reception to Season III. Notably, a sizeable player sold off 100 DeGods and approximately 200ETH worth of their native token, $DUST. Conversely, Sproto Gremlins has emerged as a recent standout, marking a 49% surge within the last 24 hours and a remarkable 300% increase in the past month. It's pertinent to mention that this NFT is connected to HarryPotterSonicInu10 ($BITCOIN), which attained all-time highs this week, potentially revealing a correlated trend. This dynamic potentially also sheds light on the Milady price movement. An intriguing observation is that top-performing alternative tokens often share a strong Milady trajectory, hinting at interconnectivity between the two markets.

DeGodsNFT investors are disappointed with the season 3 announcement and are selling their NFTs. The situation exposes a core NFT problem: people investing in NFTs as if they were equity. NFTs are not like stocks or other traditional investments and do not entitle holders to any future profits or dividends. Investors should be prepared to lose money when investing in NFTs. Only invest in NFTs from projects that you believe in and that have a clear roadmap for the future.





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