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Chuxiaolian 56 days, 3 hours ago

Two days ago, a primary school classmate asked to borrow money, but I didn’t help.

On the one hand, he was short of money, and on the other hand, he borrowed money many times.

The first two times I borrowed money, I had just bought a house and a car and had completed a large amount of expenditure. I had just become a house slave and a car slave and had no extra ability;

This is the post-epidemic era, and it is also a bear market in the currency industry. It is difficult for everyone, and I can’t help.

This friend was also a famous figure in his early years. He started his own business and worked on projects. He also owned a house and a car in Beijing, and he was very prosperous for a while.

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But the industries that I entered were always the last ones. The business was good in the first two years of investment, but then it started to lose money. In the end, I had to cut the losses and sell the business.

Now I am back in a small city, but I am unwilling to find a job worth RMB 80,000. People who have made a lot of money look down on small money, and they have no opportunity or funds to start over.

During the second project, everyone who could borrow money had already said hello once, and no one helped him anymore.

Now I still rely on my elderly parents to work brick by brick for support, and my own job is not long ago, and I am looking for other jobs every now and then. The family of three is often under a lot of pressure.

His wife didn’t go to work and took care of the children full-time, and her salary was not enough to cover expenses. Occasionally, she heard that she had borrowed money from that classmate again.

Fast and slow in life are relative. Sometimes, making money too fast is not good.

If this friend did not enjoy the experience of making a lot of money in the early days, he would not look down on the salary of 9 to 5,000 yuan in the future;

But most people live off their wages, and with limited monthly income, they can only live a steady life.

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Thinking of the crypto market, isn’t it the same?

People who have made a lot of money through contracts can no longer look down on the fluctuations in the spot price of 300 or 500 US dollars.

Some people make dozens or millions of dollars in one day’s contract profits, but of course they may also lose all in one day. The process of playing contracts is exciting and they make a lot of money, but it ends very quickly, and most people leave the market after losing money.

For example, Liang Xi’s voice is rarely heard now.

After earning 10 million from the initial 1,000 US dollars, Shinhwa emerged from the circle and was known as the “Little Prince of Contracts”. In the end, it also ended in failure.

Some time ago, I was tearing up this and that person, borrowing money to open contracts, issuing coins to gain fans, committing suicide by drinking medicine, selling personal accounts and other boring operations.

No matter how much you earned before, you have lost everything now.

At less than 20 years old, he has made income that ordinary people cannot earn in several lifetimes. His severely distorted world view and outlook on life are now silent.

The market will not remember him either, it will only mention him in lamentations after dinner.

Of course, life is not over, nothing is final yet, and these views of mine are only one-sided;

Who knows whether the two friends above will regain their glory and become the final winners?

Liangxi’s story

As the old saying goes, if you know the way, you will be ignorant, and if you advance, you will retreat.

Repeating the work every day makes you feel like you are regressing and gaining nothing, but progress and gains may come at the moment you look back after a period of time.

Everyone at every age pursues different life experiences, so don’t judge other people’s lives.

Based on the experiences of the above friends, I encourage myself to keep working hard and stay down-to-earth.

Although coding every day seems to be very hard and there is no profit; although spot trading often loses money, the profit is not much; I even once questioned my own methods.

But you should still pursue the direction that you think is accurate, continue to output, and insist on making a little progress every day. Only quantitative changes can lead to qualitative changes.

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There are no shortcuts in life. All gifts given by fate have secret prices, and all unexpected gains are the result of yesterday’s hard work.

Only by being serious every day can you choose your future.

The market is bearish and life is difficult, but there are always opportunities, so let’s work together.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I am Chuxiaolian, and I am paying attention to the encryption market and web3.

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